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When Usha Venkatraman comes in with her bagful of puppets, even an adult is curious as to what she's going to take out of that bag! A lovely collection of stories, Usha's tales from the Katha tree succeed in capturing the children's attention and involve them more with the story. It isn't just about the fun factor, but its about knowing new things! We particularly enjoy her Indian Gods and Goddesses stories - her puppets are so colourful! Her actions, expressions and movements are excellent! A story ought to give the listener a "whole experience" and that is what Usha's stories give us.

Rehna Abdul Kareem Centre Head - Hippocampus Children's Co. - Chennai

Hundreds of Swedish teachers had the privilege to listen to Ushas inspiring workshops. We learned a lot and have a good basis to continue the storytelling in our schools. She also gave performances during her tour to Sweden and presented stories from Panchatantra and made them live for a very satisfied audience. She also told stories of Divali at a storytelling festival for storytellers from Sweden. She helped very much to spread the warmth and light to us in the cold North.

Ola Henricsson teacher and storyteller, in charge of the Indian/Swedish collaboration concerning storytelling.

Usha Venkatraman uses puppet theatre and colourful glove puppets that can communicate to the youngest of children. She brings popular stories to life, interspersed with snippets of song, peppered with popular tunes that ring a bell of familiarity and make the age old tales connect to contemporary audiences.

India Book House

We had puppeteer, Ms. Usha Venkatraman put up wonderful puppet shows for our kids. Through her puppet shows, she taught the children different values, and how to respect our environment. The children truly enjoyed the puppet shows and learnt a lot from her. Usha was truly entertaining and at the same time very insightful. Her conduct was very professional and she was a joy to be with over the summer. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Akanksha A ray of sunshine for less privileged children

Bommallattum is the brainchild of Usha Venkatraman. Her interest in children led her to train in early childhood education, psychoanalysis and observational studies in young children. A kindergarten teacher by profession, an experiment with Indian puppets led her to using puppetry as an educational tool. From the introduction to Indian classical music to Indian festivals and animal shows, she is a pioneer in value-based education through the folk form of puppetry.

India Book House

It was a wonderful experience having puppeteer Ushaji with us for a workshop on
storytelling through puppets and their effective use in education. The entire teaching
fraternity at Delhi Public School, Nashik, applauded Ushaji for her wonderful
performance with the glove, paper cup and other puppets. Ushaji has redefined
puppetry as she specializes in making simple puppets useful for teaching varied
concepts in teaching. She presents her puppet acts without a stage or drapes so that the
entire process of operating the figure is in full view of the audience. Her wide interests
and dedication to art gave her a strong basis for students-oriented performances. A
wide variety of materials and types of puppets were exhibited by her along with the
narration of stories. Her contribution in the education field is remarkable.
Kudos to Ushaji....

Delhi Public School, Nashik Principal

Usha's depiction of the Ramayan,was OUTSTANDING.
It was, by far,the best we have had at Mcubed.
I really loved,that she came before time,was totally organized,didn't slave us,as others do.
Most importantly the kids were mesmerized and enthralled by her.


"Unity makes us strong. Diversity makes us stronger". Join Usha Venkatraman in appreciating this unique and strong quality that is so important to us all in this country. Listen to her folktales, watch her puppets and step into the characters.

Then Usha will help you make your own puppet! A very special one... what will it be?

Don't you feel like being there? Don't miss the fun, folks!
As wedding invitations of yore said, "Come with friends and family!!"

Vibha Kamat MCubed Library.

The pleasure was all mine! Usha was outstanding in her story telling! She brought her stories to life and painted vivid pictures with her words. And sang beautifully too! She was the star of the evening and she shone and was much appreciated. I was glad to be there and be a part of her wonderful world😊

Rita Swamy. The Story Space Boston.

On behalf of Penang Science Cluster we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you for taking the time to conduct a workshop. The children present greatly enjoyed and benefited from participating in STEM Storytelling with you.
Please do contact is if you ever wish to conduct a workshop with us again.

Quann Pates Program Manager, Penang Science Cluster.

Thank you for visiting ISKL!
We were so privileged to experience your stories and performances.
It was so great to see the kids eyes fill with wonder as they watched you perform.

Azra Pathan Asst principal

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