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Usha Venkatraman is a professional storyteller with 23 years experience performing traditional stories, folktales and myths for children and adults. Her repertoire is a rich trove of myths and stories from cultures around the world, some that originated thousands of years ago. Usha keeps alive the oral tradition of Storytelling.

Usha Venkatraman is an award winning storyteller and Mumbai’s leading Spoken Word Artist and a self taught Puppeteer. Usha uses puppets as an educational tool. Usha’s interactive story sessions, filled with drama and music both educate and engage her audience. Her repertoire includes a range of Indian folk-tales, stories from Indian Mythology which lets you sample our ancient heritage. Usha also lets her audience taste world cultures through multi cultural folk-tales from around the world and nourishes the imagination with true-life incidents. Usha has performed at various festivals in India; Bookaroo International Children’s festival, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival,

AWIC (Association of Writer’s & Illustrator’s of India) Conference, New Delhi,

Chennai Storytelling Festival,

Kahaani Festival Jaipur; World Book Fair New Delhi;

Anjali International Children’s Festival 2015 at Bhubaneswar, and Kathakar International Storytelling Festival New Delhi 2016; Lulu Reader’s Festival Cochin 2018 to name a few. Usha has also been a panelist at the 2018 STEM Storytelling Fest conducted by Nehru Science Center and National Center For Science Communicators.

Internationally, Usha has  performed in Sweden, Hawaii, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Boston and PINKS Festival, Penang 2018.

Usha Venkatraman is a visiting storyteller at leading International Schools in Mumbai. Usha also conducts workshops for corporates, is a visiting faculty at TISS, Mumbai and trains teachers across India to use storytelling as a teaching tool. Usha is empaneled by a leading hotel chain in India. Usha has also trained IIT students to use Storytelling as a communication tool and revives the dying folk art form of Puppetry through her workshops on Puppetry. Usha has also facilitated a storytelling session for the queer/ LGBTQ community. More details about her are available on her website www.puppetwonders.com

Usha’s Experiences

Usha trained with Prof Meschke  for a workshop on Puppetry, “Theoretical Introduction to the subject of Dramaturgy” in New Delhi in 2007.

Usha also trained in Puppetry with Ranjana Pandey in New Delhi.

Usha also trained at Kathalaya with Geeta Ramanujam in 2010.

Usha presented a paper on “Birds and Animals in Indian Children’s Literature” at AFCC 2014 in Singapore representing Children’s Book Trust of India.

Usha has trained with Annette Simmons in Corporate Storytelling at Sydney in 2014.

Usha also did a “Healing Stories” Workshop at The School Of Storytelling Emerson College, Sussex England in 2017.

Usha did a STEAM Workshop for Children at Penang Science Cluster in October 2018.

Usha captivated the elementary students of ISKL(International School of Kuala Lumpur) with a half day workshop on storytelling.


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